Why Chandrababu scared of income tax authorities?

Hyderabad: Senior YSR Congress party leader and spokesperson, Vasireddy Padma flayed Chandrababu Naidu for trying to play victim card over income tax raids on the offices of some industries in Andhra Pradesh. Why is Chandrababu Naidu scared of income tax authorities?, she questioned.

Chandrababu is trying to elicit sympathy and play victim when some small group was raided. In reality, his house and that of his son, Nara Lokesh should be subjected to raids, she said. She pointed out that in times when Pawan Kalyan and Nara Lokesh were on friendly terms, Lokesh is reported to have told the Jana Sena founder that the ruling TDP was prepared for electoral challenges in 2019 and that it had already sent about 20 crore rupees to each constituency. Pawan Kalyan disclosed this, she observed.

Yellow media outlets aligned to the TDP were trying to play up IT raids as victimisation Chandrababu, she said, wondering what was wrong in tax authorities seeking details from an individual. Chandrababu tends to think that he is above questioning, she said. He kept screaming that Narayana group of institutions had been raided, while its owner and minister P. Narayana denied that raids had taken place, she pointed out. What is Chandrababu afraid of? This is the question being posed by all right-thinking citizens.
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