Who is Superior? : YS Jagan

  • Chandrababu’s
    statements are surprising
  • Babu’s
    speaking about projects is hilarious
  • Babu is
    behaving like a lashkar
  • Chandrababu’s
    allotments are unjust


president and leader of opposition YS Jagan condemned Chandrababu’s boasting
that he had done the construction of the projects that had actually been
completed by late leader Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy. He commented that Chandrababu’s
words regarding the projects were surprising. During the discussion taken up on
account of World Water Day in the assembly, he slammed Chandrababu. YS Jagan
wondered if the person who built a dam was superior or the lashkar who lifted
the gates when water was there.

He exclaimed that it was startling to hear
Babu talk about projects like Pulichintala, Pothireddypadu, Polavaram right
canal, Thotapalli, Pushkaram, Vamsadhara, Tadipudi, Galeru Nagari and
Handri-Neeva. He informed that the estimation of Vamsadhara project was Rs.1242
crore and Babu had spent Rs.44 crore while Dr. YSR had spent Rs.657 crore
during his tenure. After the demise of YSR, Rs.138 crore was allocated. Thotapalli
project’s estimation was Rs.527 crore, YSR had sanctioned Rs.398.88 crore amd
Babu gave just Rs.3 crore during his 9-year tenure. Babu was now boasting to
have inaugurated it, criticized YS Jagan.

He went on to reveal the details of the
other projects too. Pushkaram project’s estimation was Rs.608 crore, Babu had spent
Rs.7.6 crore while YSR had spent Rs.538 crore. After his demise, Rs.61.77 crore
was given, mentioned YS Jagan. He reminded that Tadipudi project’s estimated
expenditure was Rs.467 crore, Babu spent merely Rs.3.23 lakh and YSR spent
Rs.384.64 crore on it. After YSR’s demise, Rs.55.19 crore was sanctioned.

project’s estimated expenditure was Rs.124 crore. YSR’s tenure yielded Rs.75.54
crore and post-YSR Congress tenure sanctioned Rs.8.14 crore. Musurumilli project’s
estimation was Rs.207 crore and YSR spent Rs.148.97 crore while Congress
Government after his demise sanctioned Rs.44.58 crore. Babu had spent
absolutely nothing for this project, specified YS Jagan. Estimation of Bhupathipalem
project was Rs.146 crore, YSR gave Rs.124.34 crore to it while Babu had given
only Rs.4.98 crore. As the ministers sensed the exposure of Chandrababu’s
fakeness, they repeatedly stood up to obstruct YS Jagan from going on with his

Jagan expressed his displeasure towards the speaker for not providing him
microphone. He slammed the Government for issuing GOs 22 and 63 and benefiting
contractors in spite of the contractors not needing it and not having the
flexibility to raise costs. He criticized that Chandrababu’s allotments were
totally atrocious.

commented that the Government was spending Pattiseema’s funds for Polavaram
project and that it was not even in a situation to reveal how much it had spent
for Pattiseema till date. If Polavaram project was completed, storage capacity
would increase, thus facilitating the storage of water during floods and
provision of water during drought. Only then would Krishna delta benefit and
Srisailam would have water, stated YS Jagan. He mentioned that Chandrababu’s fund
allotment to Galeru Nagari and Handri-Neeva was unjust in every way.

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