What moved YS Jagan emotionally

Guntur: Narrating an incident that had moved him emotionally, YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at a public meeting on Wednesday said, "In Nellore a poor man wanted his son to study engineering. He got him admitted into an engineering college. To meet the expenses he took a loan of Rs 70,000 in the first year. Was unable to repay, but took another loan in the second year. Looking at the problems that his father was facing, the engineering student committed suicide. On hearing about this incident, I am emotionally very disturbed."

YS Jagan assured people that he would support poor families wanting to get their children educated. He said that once the people’s party comes to power, the poor can let their wards choose their favourite courses without having to worry about exorbitant fee. Our government will support not only the student but also the family, he asserted and informed that Rs 20,000 per year would be given to the students staying in hostels.

Stressing on the importance of a good foundation, YS Jagan said that it was important that children attended schools from a young age. He pointed out that it was the responsibility of the mothers to send their children to schools daily and such mothers would be given Rs 15,000 every year when YSRCP comes to power.

He slammed the insensitive TDP government over not hiking the old age pension. Even to avail that pension, old people would have to bribe the Janma Bhoomi committee members in villages, he lamented. YS Jagan also promised to bring down the age limit for pension from the existing 65 years to 60 years while the amount would be Rs 2,000 per month.

Also, the YSRCP President stated that the age limit for women's pension would be reduced to 45 years while the amount would be Rs 2,000 per month. He also sought suggestions form the huge gathering assembled at the meeting on welfare schemes that could benefit the needy. YS Jagan promised to include all those in the next election manifesto titled Navarathnalu, which would be just two pages. Only the things which we would adhere to would be put in the manifesto, he added.

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