Welfare, development to be balanced equally

Hyderabad, April 13: Balancing welfare
and development with equal measure and building of a new state with
opportunities galore and welfare schemes that touch every section of the
society besides providing clean and transparent governance are the focal points
of the YSR Congress Party manifesto.  

“The manifesto is a compilation of the
promises I have made during my mass contact programmes and the development
programmes are aimed at retaining the local talent besides generating economic
and employment opportunities by massive industrialization and bringing in
radical changes in the education, health, farming, service and social sectors,
“Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said while releasing the Manifesto at his
Lotus Pond Camp office here on Sunday.

 Talking on the issue of development
he said “We will ensure completion of the following in a time-bound manner.
These include : 

State of
the art, eco-friendly and world class capital city with all modern facilities,
connectivity and social infrastructure.

About 20
faculty based super speciality hospitals will be established in the capital
city for integration with super speciality hospitals at the district level.

district to have a University, a super speciality hospital with a medical
college, an airport, agro processing zone with facilities for grading,
processing       and packaging.

Establishment of rapid rail and road
connectivity from the new capital of the New Capital City to Hyderabad.

NTPC-BHEL Mannavaram project,

Petrochemical complex by IOC/HPCL,

Integrated Steel plant in YSR district

Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial

Anantapur-Krishnapatnam Industrial

Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment

IT investment region (ITIR) one each in
Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema

Expansion of the existing
Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Tirupati airports to international standards

Establishing a new railway zone

Metro Rail facility in Vishakhapatnam
and Vijayawada-Guntur-Tenali Metropolitan Urban Development Authority

Duggirajapatnam port project

Machilipatnam and VANPIC port projects

800 MW  Krishnapatnam thermal
power plant stage-2,

MW  VTPS  stage-V,

Polavaram Hydro power plant of 960 MW,

1600 MW  Vodarevu Mega power
plant stage-I

 Polavaram and other irrigation
projects like Uttarandhra, Sujala Sravathi, Handri-Niva, Galeru-Nagari,
VeligondaRevamping of drainage systems in Krishna, Godavari and Penna River

10 lakh weaker section houses per annum

Large number of Universities,
specialized research institutions and National institutions 

addition, the proposal to appoint ten Mahila police from each village will
additionally create more than 2 lakh jobs. Similarly, by virtue of the fact
that we propose to give with title to property, it will enable them to mortgage
funds to raise capital to establish small businesses. 

It is
clear that the residuary state is going to experience an unprecedented
activity—a huge construction boom—a huge spending on infrastructure. This is
going to create exrtraordinary potential for economic growth in the residuary
state. This will create a huge multiplier effect. These projects require large
quantities of cement and steel besides increasing the demand for work force,
thus creating lakhs of jobs for our youth per annum. This will push up the
demand for increasing the production of steel and cement—in turn it creates
huge demand for mining of lime stone and iron ore—leading to huge push to
transportation from mines to production units and from production units to
consumer centers. There will thus be unprecedented boom for cement, steel,
transportation, mining, construction---all of them in turn creating lakhs of
jobs for our engineers, IT professionals and blue collared employees. 

There is thus a huge potential for job creation for
engineers, IT professionals and technicians. We promise to create an absolutely
hassle free and corruption free investment environment in the State.  

He said that he had the benefit of
personally visiting thousands of poor houses during his mass contact programs.
He personally saw their plight and sub human life a large number of them are
leading. He was compelled by his conscious to do something to ameliorate their
problems and improve their quality of life. For this, he announced a plethora
of welfare measures by fortifying various welfare measures that were initiated
by late Dr Reddy. These include:  

Ø YSR Ammavadi programme: In order to encourage education to all and to
empower women, we propose to pay a sum of Rs.500/- per month per student in an
academic year to the mother of the child in case of children studying from LKG
to X Class.  In respect of students studying
XI and XII class, a sum of Rs.700/- per month per student will be paid to the
mother of the student.  In respect of
students studying Graduation and Post graduation including technical education,
a sum of Rs.1,000 per month per student will be paid to the mother of the

ØWe propose to strengthen the tuition fee reimbursement scheme to
ensure that all the eligible students who are lacking financial support are
covered under this scheme.

ØWe will establish English medium in all schools.

ØWe propose to write-off all the outstanding bank
loans of women SHGs due as on 31-03-2014. We will continue the zero percent
interest loans for SHGs.

ØWe propose to supply to all BPL families 150 units of power per month
at Rs.100/-

ØWe propose to offer a subsidy of Rs.100 per domestic gas cylinder per
family for 12 gas cylinders in a year.

ØWe will supply 30 kgs of rice per month per family at one rupee per
Kg, thus fulfilling YSR’s promise made in 2009.

ØWe propose to increase the amount of monthly pension paid to old-aged,
destitute women etc. from Rs.200/- to Rs. 700/- and similarly, the pension
payable the physically challenged will be increased to Rs.1000/- per month.

ØThe eligibility for pensions will be reduced from 65 to 60 years
except in special categories

ØWe propose to complete construction of 50 lakh weaker section houses
in the next five years at the rate of 10 lakh houses per annum without the need
for beneficiary to pay the premium. We propose to provide electricity, drinking
water, toilets for all weaker section housing colonies. We further propose to
build internal roads and sanitation for all these colonies. 

ØThe beneficiaries will get the title deeds at the time of handing over
of the house and they can use this for raising loans from the Banks to start
small businesses by mortgaging the said properties.

ØWe propose to give atleast one acre of land with access to irrigation
to every landless poor.

ØAgriculture and allied activities will get big
boost through higher budgets and by bestowing special focus

ØWe will set-up a price stabilization fund of Rs.3,000 crores to ensure
that the farmers realize the MSP fixed by the Union Government.

ØThe state has been experiencing either drought or cyclone or floods
every year. In order to reach out to affected farmers and others, we propose to
set up a state calamity relief fund of Rs. 2000 crores.

ØWe will provide zero percent interest loans on all crop loans to
farmers.  For encouraging farm
mechanization, we subsidize farm equipment.

ØWe will establish three agriculture universities and agricultural
degree colleges for every two districts and crop specific research institutions
integrating them with the mobile agri clinics to ensure that technology is
carried to the doorstep of the farmer.

ØWe propose to set up a brackish water aqua culture research institute
together with the fisheries college.

ØWe propose to construct an additional 40 lakhs sq.ft. of godowns all
over the State to address the problem of lack of storage space for agricultural
products. Similarly, we will encourage cold chain and modern warehousing
facilities so as to ensure the farmers realize a decent return for their

ØWe also propose to provide facilities in every district head quarter
for grading, processing and packaging facilities for value addition to the Agro

ØWe propose to supply 7 hours of quality power free of cost to
agriculture sector during day time.

ØWe will ensure that there will be no power cuts by the year 2019.

ØWe propose to set up atleast one mobile agri-clinic per each mandal
with soil testing facilities and in-house extension experts to advise the
farmers on the spot.

ØWe propose to set up atleast one mobile veterinary clinic per mandal
to cater to the animal health care and for genetic improvement of animals
through promotion of artificial insemination.

ØWe propose that all Government services will be taken to the doorsteps
of every citizen in every village and every municipal ward. To accomplish this,
we will open an office in which ration cards, pension eligibility cards,
housing eligibility cards and Aarogyasri cards will be issued through IRIS
programme within 24 hrs from the time of application. Every such office will
have all the facilities including Computer, Internet and Printer. 

ØRO, Reverse Osmosis plants will be installed in each village partly
funded by MPLADs, MLA Constituency funds and partly by funding from the State
Government and other private individuals so as to ensure supply of safe
drinking water in every village at nominal prices. Preference will be given to
local unemployed youth. This will help arresting “Water Bourne Diseases”.

ØWe are committed to promoting a super specialty hospital with a
medical college attached in every district headquarters and connecting them to
20 speciality hospitals in the Capital City. We attach top priority for
revamping the entire health care establishment beginning from the primary
health centers, which are presently operating much below expectation.

ØWe propose to revive the 108 and 104 programmes by substantially
increasing their numbers. In respect of Aarogyasri all the 133 schemes that
have been discontinued will be brought back into the list in many more
hospitals will be enlisted for this programme. In respect of cochlear implant
meant for the deaf, we propose to reimburse the total amount which may go upto
Rs. 6 lakhs. We propose to double the number of post graduation medical seats.
We will ensure that each PHC will have adequate medicines, Doctors and medical
staff to cater to the health needs of the rural areas. 

ØIn many cases, particularly in accident cases, the affected person
cannot straight away start working as he/she may need one or two months rest
thereby denying him/her the income. We propose to include in the Aarogyasri the
payment of monthly income for the period during which he/she cannot attend

ØWe propose to close all the belt shops in the state and for ensuring
that no illicit liquor is sold in villages, ten women police will be posted in
all villages having a population more than 1000 population from the same
village. In future liquor will be sold only at only one place in the assembly
constituency headquarters and in three star and five star hotels.

ØWe will implement a BC sub plan with Rs. 12,000 crores with a sub
grant of Rs.1200 crores of weavers.

ØThe mess charges payable will be linked to the cost of living index

ØThe amount payable as pension to weavers will be enhanced to Rs.1000
per month. 

ØWe will honour the commitment given by YSR for write off of loans of
weaver community. They will also be provided with house cum weaving shed
besides offering them Interest free loans upto Rs. One lakh. The power loom
weavers will get power at rupees 1.50 per unit. Janata scheme will be
introduced making it mandatory for all Government departments to procure their
requirements from Handloom weavers.

ØIn respect of fishermen who become untraceable during their voyage, we
promise to give an ex-gratia of Rs. 5 lakhs. This amount will be disbursed
within six months from the date of disappearance. Out of this amount, Rs.
50,000 will be given within the first 15 days and the balance within one year..

ØSimilarly, in respect of toddy tappers who meet with a fatal accident
by falling from the tree etc, an ex-gratia of Rs. 3 lakhs will be paid to the
immediate family members within 30 days from the date of causality.

ØThe subsidy on diesel on fishing voyages will be increased to Rs.
10/litre in respect of registered fishing boats.

ØWe propose to establish in every Assembly constituency headquarters an
old age home and an orphanage.

ØWe will take all necessary steps towards including Boya, Valmiki,
Konda Kummari and Vaddera in the list of Scheduled Tribes. We propose to move
an assembly resolution for this purpose.

ØWe will ensure that the funds allocated under the SCs and STs will not
be diverted. Special education institutions and institutions of vocational
training will be opened for SCs and STs. For fully exploiting the
entrepreneurship among these communities, the incentives of offered by YSR will
be continued.

ØOur special focus will be on increasing the share of manufacturing in
the GDP to atleast 25% in the next 10 years. Special focus will be laid on
women employment and entrepreneurship.

ØThe problems of the employees arising out of bifurcation of the State
will be resolved at the quickest by constituting a separate department for the
same. The PRC for Government Employees will be implemented. Aarogyasri scheme
will be extended both to serving and retired employees. As a special case, the
Government will pay salaries for the strike period by AP NGOs.

ØWe will sympathetically consider the problems faced by Contract
employees and regularise their jobs on the basis of suitability and eligibility
of the existing members. 

He also gave a comparative statement of
growth indices of the nine year N Chandrababu Naidu term and five year YSR
golden era which was followed by an anarchic rule by Congress.  

While GDP during and before TDP rule
was 5.7 % it was 9.6 % during YSR period and fell to 6.86 % after his death.
The agriculture development increased to 6.14 % in YSR term from 3.84 % during
Naidu rule and again went down to 2.56 % after YSR death. The agriculture yield
has gone up from 1.37 lakh tones by 2004 to 2.04 lakh tones by the end of 2009.  

Be it industrial growth, IT exports or
growth in service sector, in all fields YSR term was the best when compared to
the TDP rule or the Congress government after YSR death which was why it
remained as a golden era in the history of the State.  

Training his guns at Chandrababu Naidu,
he said,” “Naidu has been a habitual liar. He promises moon during elections
but forgets people after the polls. He has been promising to waive agriculture
loans to a tune of Rs 1.27 lakh cores which is impossible as it is not a state
subject. He has been promising to provide one job per family unmindful of the
fact that there are 3.5 crore houses in the state.  

Naidu was responsible in closing down
65 PSUs and selling them away to his close associates at dirt cheap prices
which are now private limited companies and making profits. In the process, he
has laid off nearly 26,000 employees.  

 We will provide transparent
governance, send out bids, tenders and other issues involving public money to
the CAG in advance and get their clearance instead of a post mortem, he said
adding that his government will deliver goods and keep up all the promises.

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