We will obstruct Bauxite mining…!

Visakhapatnam: The Government’s permission for mining Bauxite in Visakha Agency resulted in severe protests. The YSRCP Paderu MLA Giddi Eeswari said that the mining work will not be allowed at all. She said that the All Parties along with the Tribal Associations will severely protest this by sacrificing lives if necessary. She questioned how the ruling party can allow the mining when previously it has opposed it being in opposition.

The YSRCP Leader Gudivada Amarnath said that the party condemns the GO for mining Bauxite and demanded that the Government take it back immediately. He made anguish remarks that the government has taken this decision by violating the tribal rights. He criticized that Chandrababu has once written a letter to the Governor opposing Bauxite mining but after coming to power he changed his stance trying to rob crores of rupees.

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