Vijayamma mourns Rama Devi’s death

Hyderabad, April 18,
2013: YSR Congress Party honourary president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma expressed her
heartfelt condolences over the death of former Governor of Karnataka and
Himachal Pradesh V.S. Rama Devi.

In a condolence
message, she said that Rama Devi, who also worked as first woman Chief Election
Commissioner and Rajya Sabha Secretary General, brought dignity and decorum to
the public offices she held.  

Being a multifaceted
personality and prolific writer, she always kept off controversies while maintaining
accessibility to people. “The death of Rama Devi, who made a mark for her
administrative competence, left an irrevocable void,” Smt. Vijayamma said.

She conveyed her profound
sympathies to the bereaved family members.

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