Turncoats Have No Moral Right To Speak On YS Jagan

Hyderabad: Reiterating that the
defected legislators should seek a fresh mandate, YSR Congress has said that
the MLAs have no moral right to criticize YS Jagan and the
defections did not hamper the Party prospect but have strengthened the resolve
to defeat to corrupt TDP.

‘Party leaders who were sold out
for favours and money speaking ill of YS Jagan cuts no ice as they have
defected for personal gains and they should seek a fresh mandate before making
any challenge,’ party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on
Thursday. The defected leaders have been parroting the script of Chandababu
Naidu and the TDP President should ask the defectors to seek a fresh mandate failing
which they have no moral right to speak against our leader as they have won the
election on our Party symbol, he said.

‘Even if 20 odd legislators
switch sides there is no danger to our Party and it will gain moral courage to
win the next election as the resolve to fight corruption will strengthen. The
turncoats speaking on YS Jagan is something against the moral value

‘Without calling off the first
marriage you cannot enter into wedlock for the second time even legally and
what the turn coats have done is the same. They did not quit the assembly and
have crossed over and TDP luring MLAs in Telangana for MLC seat is widely
known, he said adding that the switching over is sheer opportunism.

‘Sobha Nagi Reddy had quit her
PRP seat before joining YSRCP so did many Congress and TDP legislators and we
have maintained the high moral values of parliamentary democracy and if some
greedy people go to the other side, out Party will not lose its sheen,’ he

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