The Truth is finally revealed…!

The evil deeds done by Chandrababu Naidu are revealed one after
the other. Chandrababu Naidu is the cause for the stampede. The district
collector has given this information in his primary report. In relation to the
Pushkaras, it is known that on the first day itself, lakhs of devotees have
already reached the place before hand. The reason for the increase in number of
devotees is majorly due to the heavy advertisements made about the Pushkaras by
the Government. Chief Minister and his family reached the pushkara ghat in the
early hours. While the family performed the puja  and completed the rituals by 8:30 am.
This proves that the devotees were left in queues for 2 hours. After stopping
the devotees for hours long, the queues were opened at a stretch. At a stretch
the devotees rushed out and no one were able to control the stream of people
coming out. Even for the organizers and security persons present there, it
became hard to control them. Due to this the tragedy occurred. These are the
key points revealed in the report given by the Collector.  

Overall the report given by the collector reveals the evil deeds
of the Chief Minister. The disaster is only due to the Chief Minister’s sudden
plan change of performing the puja in the Pushkara Ghat instead of the planned
ghat for VIP’s. While looking at this report, Chandrababu Naidu and the beloved
core team might be getting peaks of anger and no wonder, there may be a chance
of attacking the Collector after the Pushkaras.

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