Today Has Only Marked The Beginning

  • We shall achieve special status and fight till we do
  • YSRCP's struggle with special status sanction as aim
  • TDP and BJP are irresponsible and deceptive

YSRCP president of East Godavari district, Kurasala Kannababu criticised that Chandrababu had mortgaged the honour of the state of AP on the roads of Delhi. He condemned Chandrababu's supporting BJP, even after the latter had announced that special status would not be given. He opined that today's situation would have been avoided if the Government had responded positively when the leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan had staged dharnas for special status in Delhi and in Guntur. He acclaimed YS Jagan for his relentless struggle to save the honour of the state and mentioned that the people were ready to walk with him in the struggle. He remarked that the Telugu people would be benefited if they extended their support to YS Jagan.
YSRCP leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy commented that betrayal was the nature of TDP and the it was a party of betrayers. He reminded that Chandrababu had submitted memorandum to Narendra Modi asking for special status for 15 years right in Tirupati the holy place of his favourite deity Lord Venkateswara, but totally forgotten about it after coming into power. Karunakar Reddy slammed Babu for commenting that special status would provide no benefit to the state and attributed Chandrababu's silence to his fear for having to face inquiry on 'note for vote' case. He commented that Chandrababu had gone abroad only to escape from the heat of the demands of the people of the state for special status. Bhumana complained that Babu had submitted himself to Modi's Government. He called it a shameless attitude for Chandrababu's thinking of buying MLAs while YS Jagan got busy fighting for special status.
YSRCP leader Jogi Ramesh mentioned that the lives of the future generations would flourish only if special status was given. People in huge numbers rallied to the collectorates with the call from YSRCP. Speaking on this occasion, Jogi Ramesh commented that Chandrababu had ignored the problems faced in the state and traveled abroad with his family on a joy trip.
YSRCP leader Parthasarathy questioned BJP's suggestion that special status should be given to AP for 10 years in order for the state to develop and now changing the word. He complained that TDP and BJP were together deceiving the people of AP. He opined that the people of the state had understood the incapability of TDP in bringing the special status. He assured that every person in YSRCP would work relentlessly for the achievement of special status. 
YSRCP MLA Uppuleti Kalpana stated that they would bring pressure on the centre in the direction of sanction of special status. She added that today had only marked the beginning of the committed struggle yet to happen. She specified that they would expose the true colours of the state and the central Governments to the people.

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