Telangana Elections results a slap on Chandrababu's face

Delhi: Senior YSRCP leader Mekapati Rajmohan Reddy said that the Telangana Elections results were like a slap on Chandrababu's face . He could deceive the people of Andhra Pradesh with his conniving electoral tactics, but that didn’t work in Telangana. People have taught him a lesson there, he said. 
He also spoke about Chandrababu's double standards when he bought over YSRCP MLAs in Andhra Pradesh and with the same tongue  spoke about defeating the incumbent candidates in Telangana and the results were a lesson for him to learn.
Meanwhile, YSRCP leaders V Vijaysai Reddy, Vemireddy Prabahakar, Botsa Satyanarayana , Mithur Reddy, Vara Prasad and Ummadi Venkateswarulu protested in front of the Gandhi statue just  before the start of Parliament Winter Sessions.
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