TDP’s Vengeful Attitude towards the Opposition

Hyderabad: YSRCLP meeting took place at the party’s office in Lotus Pond. YSRCP MLAs,
MLCs and prominent leaders attended this meeting presided by leader of
opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan. YSRCP MLAs spoke to the media before
the commencement of the meeting. They criticized that the TDP Government was
behaving with arrogance offered by being in power and trying to suppress the
voice of the opposition.  

Meka Pratap Apparao (MLA of Nuzivid)

MLA Meka Pratap Apparao criticized the
Government for its behaviour towards YSRCP MLAs and particularly a woman. He
condemned not allowing MLA Roja into the assembly inspite of coming with High
Court’s orders. He mentioned that Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy used to take things
in a sportive manner but the present Government was holding vengeance. He
stated that they would discuss with their party’s president YS Jagan to take a
decision. Pratap Apparao acclaimed YS Jagan for being calm and respecting the
assembly’s honour when the ruling party leaders were verbally abusing the
leader of opposition by saying he had high cholesterol and by warning him that
he would be slaughtered and buried. He commented that the opposition party was
being suppressed for fighting for the people. He suggested that TDP should
change its ways. 


Rakshana Nidhi (MLA of Tiruvuru)

YSRCP MLA Rakshana Nidhi opined that TDP
was vengeful towards YSRCP for questioning regarding corruption and atrocities
performed by the Government. He specified that MLA Roja was suspended for
fighting against the atrocious Call Money sex racket. Rakshana Nidhi mentioned
that the Government was attempting to mask its failure by reducing the number
of questioning opposition MLAs present in the assembly. He added that Roja had
daringly gone to the court and attained justice in spite of the Government’s
conspiracies. He criticized the Government for boasting to be superior to the
courts and not allowing Roja into the assembly. Rakshana Nidhi made it clear
that they would stand for Roja in her fight for justice. 


Visweswar Reddy (MLA of Uravakonda)

YSRCP MLA Visweswar Reddy commented that
TDP had been attempting to suppress the voice of the opposition since it had
come to power. He cautioned that the Government would face friction for defying
court’s orders. He mentioned that the Government was trying to create dispute
between the legislative system and the judicial system over not rectifying its
mistakes. He reminded that YSRCP President YS Jagan’s suggestion that rule 340
(2) would not allow the suspension of MLA Roja for one year was neglected by
the Government. Visweswar Reddy commented that the ruling party leaders were
behaving in such a way that they only knew all the rules. He condemned the
defiance of the Government towards the High Court’s stay orders. He warned that
it would soon pay for this. 


Giddi Eshwari (MLA of Paderu)

MLA Giddi Eshwari mentioned that the
speaker of the assembly had the authority to suspend an MLA for one session but
not for a whole year. She stated that MLA Roja had to approach the Supreme
Court to fight for justice as her rights were being deprived. She complained
that it was an insult to not let a woman MLA into the assembly in spite of
court’s interim orders. She criticized the speaker and the Government for their
shameful behaviour. She warned that people were observing the one-sided
decisions being taken by TDP-BJP duo. Eshwari slammed the decision taken by the
privilege committee. She expressed her displeasure towards the committee’s
accepting only the argument of TDP MLA Anitha. She questioned why it did not
come to inquiry when YSRCP MLAs had previously complained to the privilege committee
against ministers Achennayudu, Devineni, Gorantla and Bonda Uma. She complained
that TDP MLAs were being forgiven and YSRCP MLAs were being punished. She condemned
the ruling party’s arrogant acts. Eshwari added that they would continue to
fight for justice, while respecting the public system and the judicial system.


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