TDP will pay a heavy price its arrogant behaviour towards Brahmin

Amaravati: The Telugu Desam party will pay a heavy price its arrogant behaviour towards the Brahmin community, YSR Congress party MLA Kona Raghupati said here today. The knots of the sacred thread worn by the Brahmins will turn into a noose for the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh, he observed. He was addressing the media at the party office here along with former MLA and senior YSRCP leader, Malladi Vishnu.

The YSRCP MLA remarked that it was sad to learn of the suicide of a temple priest, Phani Kumaracharyulu in Ramachandrapuram on account of the harassment he was subjected by authorities of the TDP government. It was unfortunate that a priest who should be accorded the respect given to a teacher, was driven to suicide, he said. He flayed AP chief minister for destroying all institutions in the state.

Chandrababu Naidu had deceived all sections of society including farmers, students, women and others, he said. The AP chief minister stooped so low as to politicise matters related to God and religion, the senior YSRCP leader remarked.

Raghupathi pointed out that the fact that someone who came to the collector's office in Machilipatnam attempted suicide in front of officials is a reflection of the sad state of affairs in the state. He added that the high court judgment reinstating hereditary rights of priests was a clear slap in the face of the TDP government.

The TDP government was creating obstacles for temple priests instead of honouring the court judgment in their favour, the senior YSRCP leader said. Raghupati recalled that Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy had put in place GO 76 ensuring hereditary rights to temple priests, while Chandrababu Naidu, in contrast, was indulging in stalling and delaying tactics.

Raghupati slammed the TDP for setting up the Brahmin corporation purely for its own political interests. Poor brahmin students were forced to lead a pitiable life unable to pay fees, he remarked.

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