'TDP should review land acquisition policy'

Hyderabad, YSR Congress has said that TDP government is acquiring more land than what is necessary to eke out huge profits for a select few ignoring the interests of “The State seems to be planning to do real estate business out of farmers’ land and is all set to acquire 5,000 acres of land by auction which would yield about 75,000 crores profit once the land price goes up.

This is to benefit a select few of the TDP coterie at the cost of farmers,” party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here  on The benefit of the land deal should go to those farmers who volunteered to give up their land but the State Government seems to be more inclined towards commercialization of governance, he said.

Immediately after CWC announced the division of the State, Chandrababu Naidu has time and again said that it needs Rs 5 lakh crores for the capital formation and insisted that the Centre should share the burden.

“Now he makes no such mention and never attempts to get Central funds for capital formation, instead the farmers are bearing the brunt and in the process, realtors close
to the TDP leadership are poised for big returns,” he said.

We demand that the State should review its decision of acquiring large extent of land for capital formation, he said.
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