TDP neglecting medicare: YSRCP

Hyderabad:  YSR Congress has said that the Chandrababu Naidu government has been neglecting the medicare and the viral fever has been rampant in all the districts and the poor are not getting any respite with the number of deaths rising to 80 in the last two weeks.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, party Official Spokesperson Bathula Brahmnanda Reddy said that in Prakasam district alone there are thousands of people suffering from viral fever, dengue, typhoid and diarrhoea and medical help is not coming from the government side.

The figures shown by the government website states that viral fever and dengue are prevalent and increasing in Prakasam, Guntur, Vizag and other districts.

The state has failed to distribute the 22 lakh medicated mosquito nets sent by the Centre to be given in agency areas as the minister had no time to distribute them to the needy.

Publicity has been going on a large scale but at ground level nothing has been happening while the Chief Minister is busy on his foreign jaunts and the ministers are busy otherwise and the medical sector is left and the poor are suffering due to lack of medical facilities, he said.

We demand that immediate action should be taken and medical teams should swing into action and help the people by providing proper medical aid, he said.
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