TDP MLAs try to shout down YSRCP women MLAs

Giddi Eswari's mike cut in Assembly
*TDP MLAs Tried To Outshout YSRCP woman MLAs 

Velagapudi: YSR Congress Party MLA Giddi Eswari lashed out at the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu raising questions on the atrocities against women in the state. 

During the question hour, Giddi Eswari tried to list the incidents of attacks on women in AP in TDP rule for the past three years. But her mike was cut and Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao asked the YSRCP MLA  to take up the subject after the Question Hour. Soon, TDP MLA Anitha took the chance to attack the YSRCP leaders.  The YSRCP members staged a protest, shouting slogans against the TDP government alleging that women lacked security in the state. The women MLAs slammed Chandrababu for for not taking any steps regarding the safety of women. 

As the YSRCP woman MLAs, led by Giddi Eswari, Gouru Sucharita, were addressing the media about the incidents in the house at the AP Assembly''s Media Point, TDP women MLAs led by Anitha and Minister Peethala Sujatha disrupted and began speaking. TDP MLAs  snatched away mike, take away podium and tried to shout down YSRCP women MLAs at the Media Point.  Giddi Eswari was also jostled at the Media Point.

Giddi Eswari reminded the series of attacks on women in the last three years. She raised the incidents of ragging taking place in certain colleges, suicides in Narayana college and Chintamaneni Prabhakar's attack on Vanjakshi. 

Stating that the the attacks on women are continuing irrespective of the age in the Assembly, the YSRCP MLA said that the TDP government has no plans to take any steps to save women from the attackers. She also questioned Chandrababu on suspending Roja from the Assembly for an year and arresting her while she was attending the women conference meet in Vijayawada. She demanded Chandrababu to take strict measures to reduce the violence against the women. 
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