TDP misusing official machinery

Nov 26: Demanding the immediate arrest of TDP leaders involved in various
cases, YSR Congress has said the TDP government has been misusing the police
machinery prompting it to show raw discrimination while dealing with cases and
the subsequent arrests.

“In utter
disregard to the Court directions, TDP government has been shielding its
leaders who are facing criminal charges on one hand and has been foisting false
cases against YSR Congress leaders,” party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told
reporters here on Wednesday.

While the
Nandyala MLA was arrested on flimsy grounds, the TDP leaders who raked up the
skirmish and led the attack were let off and despite our complaints no action
was taken. Even after the Court intervention and the State has been influencing
the police to keep away from TDP leaders.

leaders from Guntur and the neighbouring district have been instigating the
farmers against Saraswathi Power Corporation, though the land was bought for
higher than the market price, as YS Bharthi is on the Board of the Company.

cases were foisted on Macherla MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy of our Party
while local leaders despite facing serious charges are free as the police is
neither booking cases or is delaying in pursuing the cases, she said.

Kurnool ZP Chairman is facing charges in an illicit liquor case while a Guntur
Councilor is named in a murder case. They are scot free as they happen to be
TDP leaders.

Government is exerting pressure on police to ignore the cases of TDP leaders
and we demand that the State should respect the law of the land and arrest the
TDP leaders involved in the attack at Nandyal and the accused in Guntur
district, she said.

TDP leader Deveneni Uma for his remarks on YSR Congress, she said: “TDP has
usurped the Party and power from the founder leader NTR while our Party is
formed to take forward the ideals of YSR.”

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