TDP misogynist

Hyderabad: Strongly condemning the gruesome sexual attack on a single woman in Guntur district, YSR Congress has said that Chandrababu Naidu government is anti-women and its cabinet is laden with ministers who were charged with atrocities on women.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, party spokesperson N Padmaja said,  the heinous incident in Guntur district was perpetrated by TDP cadre as the Party has a history of ill-treating women with its misogynist bent of mind and Chandrababu Naidu government has been anti-women.

The very fact that the State government did not react to such an atrocious incident shows the mindset of the ruling party.

Andhra Pradesh stands on the top of table in terms of atrocities on women with the Chief Minister and Speaker passing uncharitable remarks on women.

Of the five ministers in the whole country who were charged with atrocities on women, two are from Andhra Pradesh in the form of K Atcham Naidu and Devineni Uma. The Speaker was on record likening women like a car in shed to be safe and will meet accident if in the open.

There were numerous incidents with Chinatamaneni Prabhakar who had assaulted a woman MRO and TDP MLA Bandaru Satyanaryana Murthy, whose henchmen had disrobed a dalit woman at Pendurthi and the leadership had shielded them all.

Nandamuri Balakrishna too passed lewd remarks against women, she said adding that TDP has been anti-women all the time.
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