TDP mishandled Mudragada issue

Hyderabad, June 22: Taking strong objection to the manner in which the issue of Mudragada Padmanabham was handled, YSR Congress has said that it was undemocratic to cut him off from the outside world during his 13-day fast.

‘Mudragada’s remarks after ending the fast are very heart rending as he mentioned that he was not allowed to know what was happening outside and no one was allowed to meet him. This is undemocratic,’ party leader Ummareddy Venkateswarlu told reporters here on Wednesday.

He was on fast for 13 days and was kept in a hospital which was fortified where he was totally cut-off from the outside world and the state had put many hurdles to his fast, he said.

The way his wife, daughter-in-law, son and other members were treated is shameful and he resorted to fast only after the government went back on its word that there would be no arrests after the Tuni incident.

The state had picked up people from Amalapuram which provoked him to go on hunger strike and there was no need for the state to keep him aloof, he said.

Meanwhile, in a separate press conference party spokesperson Vasiredy Padma said that the manner in which Chandrababu Naidu spoke to the officials in a teleconference is highly objectionable.

The officials have decorum and they should not be treated as party workers, she said.

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