TDP leader quits; to join YSRCP

Pithapuram, East Godavari:Pithapuram Market Committee chairman Mogali Veera Venkata Satyanarayana (Babji) quit TDP on Saturday and is likely to join YSRCP very soon. Speaking to media here today, Babji said that he had submitted his resignation to district and state party offices.

The former TDP leader said that after the death of his political guru Madepalli Rangababu, various developments in TDP had pained him. He said he had worked for the victory of independent candidate SVSN Varma as well as that of Councillors in panchayati elections. After the TDP came into power, he had worked actively but the attitude of the party leaders had now disappointed him.

Babji said that he would join YSRCP and work towards making YS Jagan the next Chief Minister of the state. He would make every effort to strengthen the party in the constituency. He said within a couple of days Babji along with his supporters, followers and YS Jagan fans would join YSRCP in the presence of the YSRCP Chief.

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