TDP has put development clock backwards: YS Jagan

Kurnool: Reaffirming that the Chandrababu Nadu government has put the clock of development backwards during the past 3.5 years, YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that his government would take corrective measures and would set up village secretariats to cater to the needs of locals in an impartial manner.

Addressing a large gathering after the entering the district as part of his Paja Sankalpa Yatra, the Leader of Opposition said here on Tuesday, ‘you people have seen the governance of YSR and now are witnessing the rule of Chandrababu Naidu and are experiencing the difference of being cheated as the TDP has gone back on all the poll promises and has seen no development after the TDP has come to power.  

We will bring back the YSR golden era and roll the welfare carpet ensuring that all sections will benefit and the politics of vindictiveness would be stopped as we will set up village secretariats with locals as members who will function impartially and give the necessary documents within 72 hours of applying which would be the biggest administrative reform that would be people-friendly.’

The TDP term lacks development as progress would be measured in terms of improvement and going forward and not drawing backward, a phase which the state is experiencing. During YSR term, all sections were happy and welfare schemes were benefitting all sections but now in the present dispensation farmers did not get their loans waived, nor did the women groups, youth did not get jobs nor the unemployment stipend, housing did not take place and all the poll promises were forgotten.

The Rs 5,000 crore Market Stabilisation Fund became a non-starter and farmers are not getting price for any crop, from groundnut to turmeric to tamarind, pulses and grams. While selling the prices would be very low and when the procured produce is being sold by the middlemen and Chandrababu Naidu family run Heritage Foods, the prices hit all time high which shows that the government lacks interest in farmer welfare but caters to the needs of business class, he said.

Farmers of this part are dependent on KC Canal and Telugu Ganga waters and the Gundrevula project has been ignored by TDP government while YSR had shown lot of interest in completing to provide water to the farmers. 

Barring rice nothing is available in the Ration Shops through Public Distribution System (PDS) and the power bill which was Rs 50 per month for farmers during YSR term has now gone up to Rs 600 per month under the governance of Chandrababu Naidu, he said.

Chandrababu Nadu has made many promises during elections and they were not implemented and now the manifesto has been withdrawn from public domain in a bid to erase proof. He may now come up promising moon as he believes that people’s memory is short.

Our manifesto would be short and simple and would carry the aspirations of the people and their suggestions would be included in it and will turn out as a people’s manifesto, he said.

Of the Navaratnas announced earlier, he detailed about the education part of it and said that to encourage education, Amma Vodi scheme would be started under which Rs 15,000 would be deposited into mother’s account for sending two kids to the school. For professional studies, the reimbursement is Rs 35,000 at present which is being given belatedly but in our government all the students would get the entire fees reimbursed and an additional Rs 20,000 would be given to the student towards hostel and mess charges, he said.
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