TDP, BJP displaying politics of opportunism

Tiruvuru (Krishna dist),
May 2, 2014: Coming down heavily on the BJP-TDP combo for unleashing a barrage of
lies and promising to bring heavens down, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has rebutted the
duo’s claims citing the non-performance of the NDA in terms of state
development and appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol that would
change the course of the state.

“Though BJP-TDP combo was
in power between 1999 and 2004 and could not bring in any development to the
state, unabashedly leaders of the two parties have been in Seemandhra doling
out promises galore which reflects their politics of opportunism.

Within hours of the
completion of elections in Telangana, leaders of both the parties came to
Seemandhra with tall promises and weaving a Utopian dream to the people. It was
the same set of people that has voted in the Parliament alongside of Sonia
Gandhi-led Congress to divide the state, he said while addressing a public
meeting here on Friday.

“It is not just the voting
pattern. Sushma Swaraj toured Telangana seeking votes to BJP for helping in
creating the separate state and has put forward the Mata Mousi theory demanding
her share of the booty. Chandrababu Naidu, BJP and Congress are responsible for
dividing the state. TDP has given a letter of consent and its floor leader
along with BJP and Congress had voted for the bifurcation bill.

The same set of people now
come to Seemandhra and tells people that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is responsible
for the division. Such opportunist and immoral politics should be rejected

The BJP-TDP leaders who
have showered promises today never spoke of Polavaram, Pulichinthala,
Galeru-Nagari, Hundri –Neva and other projects while they were in power from
1999 to 2004. The extent of coastline did not increase from 1,000 km since 1999
but Modi speaking of it now shows his real motive as the group of persons who
toured the region during the past two days is interested only in votes and
seats but not real-time development.

He speaks of taking the gas
to the entire nation but never spoke whether how much gas our state will get.
These people do not love us. They do not have affection towards us, they need
only votes and seats. This is the time for you to think before you vote and
keep in mind the welfare activities YSR has taken up. Give us 25 MP seats and
we will get all that we need from the Centre and ensure that the Prime Minister
will care for our needs and aspirations, he said.

Chandrababu Naidu has been
speaking of waivers to a tune of 1.5 lakh crores which is not possible. He is
also promising one job per family which he cannot implement as there are 3.5
crore families. He has the record of closing down profit making PSUs and
throwing people out of jobs.

He has been speaking many
more such impossible promises as he lacks credibility. I cannot do that as I
have to be in public life for 30 years while this would be the last election of
Chandrbabu Naidu. I have been promising 11 things, which include signature on
five files. They will be done immediately after I assume office and I have
inherited the quality of not going back on my word from YSR.

The eleven promises will
change the course of the state and I appeal you to vote for YSRCP candidates in
this battle between credibility and honesty on one side and opportunism and conspiracy
on the other, he said.


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