Suspension in spite of being absent in the House

  • Speaker is showing favouritism
  • No action is being taken against the ruling party leaders who are hurting us with their abusive language
  • Ruling party adopted mockery; opposition party adopted wisdom – Rachamallu
  •  Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy expressed his discontent at the speaker’s favouritistic trend in the assembly.  He questioned the speaker’s suspending him even on a day when he was absent in the house. He slammed the speaker for not intervening and taking disciplinary action when the ruling party leaders had attacked them with abusive terms. Rachamallu mentioned that Kodela had adopted the same partial inclination since the last election.

     He stated that it was their generosity to have elected the speaker unanimously. But the speaker who was supposed to act smoothly was defending the ruling party, criticized Rachamallu. He remarked that speaker Kodela had intentionally and unjustly suspended him 4 times earlier. He complained that the speaker was not giving the respect that the opposition party deserved. Rachamallu added that the opposition party was not given prominence at the time of exposure of the Government’s failure. He exclaimed that they had totally lost trust in the speaker.

    Rachamallu expressed his agony at minister Yanamala for repeatedly interfering and mocking him during his speech. He mentioned that the ruling party adopted mockery while the opposition party adopted wisdom. He went on to comment that Yanamala would play all the instruments in a concert. Rachamallu added that they had decided to admit No Confidence Motion against the speaker because activities like this were encouraged by him and no disciplinary action had ever been taken by him against the ruling party leaders, because he was not being impartial and because he had police cases on him, because he ignored people’s cause, because he was involved in corruption and because he was not allowing people of opposition party to speak.

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