Steal & Save’ policy of Babu

  • Chandrababu’s gimmicks to mask his failure
  • Purchase of MLAs to cover up inability to keep promises
  • People’s trust and hope in Jagan’s rule” Kolagatla
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP MLC Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy criticized TDP for not fulfilling any of the promises in spite of completion of 21 months of its tenure. He commented that the Government did not even try to sanction a single house for the poor. He remarked that it was hilarious of Chandrababu to promise sand free of cost to everybody. He questioned how it would benefit the poor. He stated that Babu had been pretending only to cover up the discrepancies among the TDP leaders in sand scam. He challenged Babu to fulfill the promises first. He complained that Babu and Modi who had made a number of promises had finally done nothing for the state. He stated that it was saddening that there was no mention of AP’s special status in the budget. He slammed TDP for its inability to persuade the center in spite of having 17 MPs. He remarked that this was total misuse of power. Kolagatla criticized that Babu had compromised with the center to escape from ‘note for vote’ case.

    Chandrababu, to mask his inefficiency, had resorted to buy YSRCP’s MLAs, commented Kolagatla. He added that Chandrababu would not become a PM and YSRCP would not lose the position of principal opposition just with the migration of a few MLAs into his party. Kolagatla mentioned that Chandrababu had started his gimmicks with the fear of facing the same situation as in Telangana. He mocked Babu by saying that he had pushed aside all the promised schemes but implemented one special scheme of TDP which was ‘Steal and Save’.

     Kolagatla criticized that the father did the ‘stealing’ and the son took care of ‘saving’ the stolen money. He also added that the father-son duo would get ready to spend the earnings at the time of elections. He commented that Chandrababu was boasting about abolishing the opposition in the state due to his inability to face elections. Veerabhadra Swamy foretold that YSRCP would come to power whenever elections were held and that AP would taste development under the leadership of YS Jagan.

     Kolagatla announced that many leaders of TDP were ready to switch to YSRCP at the time of elections. He added that the fear of losing MLAs in future was causing Chandrababu to try to buy other parties’ MLAs in advance.

     Chandrababu’s maturity was very well understood when the defected MLAs had stated that they switched from YSRCP to TDP to attain their constituency’s development, remarked Kolagatla. With this Chandrababu had indirectly agreed that he had been showing partiality while sanctioning funds to TDP MLAs and other MLAs, being the CM, he exclaimed.

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