State Interests Pledged

Injustice to AP in Krishna surplus waters

Chandrababu did not question ally

Hyderabad: The YSRCP MLA Srikanth Reddy said furiously that the AP CM Chandrababu did not speak a word on the Central Government’s submission of Affidavit to Supreme Court in the matter of distributing Krishna Waters. The Central Government did injustice to Andhra Pradesh, he said.  He criticized that the Center has cheated Andhra Pradesh once by separating the Joint State and now by submitting affidavit to Supreme Court. He mentioned that this issue has come up only because of Chandrababu not speaking strongly when a Tribunal was formed with Maharashtra, Karnataka & Joint State of Andhra Pradesh.

The MLA said that we cannot believe the statement of Chandrababu that without his knowledge the center has submitted the affidavit because he is an ally to the Center with two central ministers from his party. The hopes of Telugu people that Krishna waters will be given were totally erased with this. It is quite unfortunate that proper arguments were not done in Supreme Court. The MLA fired that Chandrababu has pledged state interests with Central Government.

Chandrababu must clarify the reason behind his compromising behavior with Central Government in Special Status, Krishna Waters and several other matters. When the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal Judgement in Krishna Waters distribution was released, Y.S.Jagan has written a letter to the Prime Minister on the same day, he added. But Chnadrababu has not written a single letter in this matter till now!

The MLA demanded severe punishment in the case of adulterated liquor. He asked the Government to pay Rs.20 lakh ex-gratia to the deceased family members. The lives of public are mpre important than income to the state, he said that YSRCP will ban liquor if it comes to power.

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