Sobha Nagi Reddy objects to TDP leader's remarks

November 30: Reiterating that the State Government has allotted OMC mining
lease to a private party under a secret pact with main opposition, YSR Congress
has warned the TDP leaders not resort to personal attacks but only confine to
the subject. 

issuing a show-cause notice to public sector undertaking is ridiculous and
cancelling the mining lease of APMDC is only to benefit SR Minerals owned by
kin of TDP leader P Kesavulu who has been very vocal and going personal in
criticising our Party leaders which is not in good taste,” YSRCP Deputy floor
leader Sobha Nagi Reddy told reporters here on Friday. 

objection to Kesavulu remarks involving YSR family members, she said: “It is
fair if the debate is confined to the mining issue without going into personal
matters. We cannot stoop to the level of carrying out criticism on personal

original GO was issued in February 2002 when N Chandrababu Naidu was Chief
Minister. Eventually when the mining lease went to OMC (75 hectares and APMDC
(25 hectares), TDP has blown the issue out of proportion. When Kiran Kumar
Reddy cancels the mining rights of APMDC on the pretext of not acquiring Forest
clearance and transfers the lease to SR Minerals, TDP is silent which brings to
the fore the secret pact between Congress and TDP, she said and asked how can
SR Minerals get forest clearance when it does not have the mining rights? 

Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy’s confidence that the Government will survive any
hurdle and Chandrababu Naidu declaring that he will not move a no confidence
motion is obvious going by this and many other such incidents, she said adding
that even CBI opted to hoodwink the complaints against the TDP President though
it acted swiftly in case of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

leaders boasting that Sharmila has started padyatra after being scared of the
response of N Chandrababu Naidu is very comic as Naidu has lost grip over the
party and cadre. Many MLAs and cadre are deserting him as they see no future
for the Party and have no faith in his leadership. 

did not win a single election during any of the by-elections and lost deposits
in many places which shows that its popularity is on the slide and leaders and
cadre are turning towards YSRCP as they see good prospects in it, she said. 

aside the personal allegation levelled against her that she was talking in a
different voice when she was in TDP, Sobha said, “I won from Allagadda on my
personal strength. TDP candidate who contested against me lost deposit.” 

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