Sheer Instance Of Disloyalty

Telugu Desam Party is imposing rule on all the defectors of YSRCP that they have to verbally abuse YS Jagan before the step into TDP. In recent times, it was only Bobbili Raja who had joined TDP in a dignified manner without degrading himself by abusing YS Jagan. Everybody else was behaving and speaking as per the script dictated by Lokesh and as guided by Chandrababu. Latest example of this boring drama is Mysoora Reddy's statement.
In fact Mysoora Reddy should be more loyal to YS Jagan than anybody else, owing to the help he received from him. In spite of Mysoora Reddy being his political opponent, YS never wished to hurt him.
Moreover when Mysoora Reddy's son had approached him he promised to help him. Due to unavailability of money in that situation, YS Jagan himself took initiative and helped them attain bank loan to set up a cement factory. In spite of knowing that Mysoora Reddy was responsible for allegations against YS Jagan, he later took him into YSR Congress party. Instead of being there for the party he had spent the last 9 months away from the party's activities in grief as if he was being dishonored. Instead of quitting silently, he made the same old comments against YS Jagan. In fact YS Jagan would never care about such comments but a person like Mysoora Reddy making those comments is raising eyebrows.
YS Jagan has, for some personal reasons, decided to send Vijaya Sai Reddy to Rajya Sabha. He is not an opportunist like Mysoora. He is rather loyal and trustworthy. But Mysoora has announced that this decision of YS Jagan was the reason for his defection.
Mysoora commented that Jagan would never listen to anybody. YS Jagan could protect his party this way due to not listening. He is rather sailing on the safe boat by not listening to people like Mysoora.
On the other hand, the situation in TDP, the camp where Mysoora is now joining, the deputy CM is also complaining that even and attender would not care for his instructions. What is Lokesh decides happens. no minister has the right to take a decision. The PAs and PROs who are supposed to report to their respective ministers regularly report to Lokesh.
Mysoora has done another criticism that YS Jagan is bothered only about authority. Which politician in the country is in politics if not for power and authority? Mysoora has also stated that YS Jagan had never fought for any of the people's problems. Mysoora, in his long political career, has taken part in not even one small agitation on behalf of people. It is obvious that Mysoora is joining TDP for the benefit of clearance of all permissions for his cement factory by Chandrababu's assurance.
What is worse than the unethical act of buying of MLAs by TDP is the defectors' showing lame reasons for their defection like their constituency's development, activists' request or something else. Does this not prove that the words ethics and principles have no place in the dictionary?
One thing is for sure. The journey of political leaders like Mysoora will always end up with the party that has once disgraced them. It is obvious why they wait before they migrate.
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