Sharmila undertakes responsibility of orphan boys

Guntur, March 4, 2013:
Smt. Y. S. Sharmila turned highly emotional on Sunday when a poor old lady brought
her two grandchildren to her and narrated her inability to bring them up in
life due to her old age, financial problems and loneliness.

The two kids, Rajesh
and Mahesh, both in their third class, were brought to her by one Mariyamma
during the course of Padayatra at Bhagyanagar colony near Dhulipalla. She
informed Smt. Sharmila that the parents of the kids were no more. “Their mother
died after prolonged sickness and father also passed away recently. I am not in
a position to take care of them, I request you to do something for these
orphans” Mariyamma requested her.

Turning emotional and
consoling the two kids, Smt. Sharmila assured the old lady she would take care
of their upbringing with all facilities and make arrangements for their




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