Sharmila to walk 16.8 km on fifth day

Pulivendula, Oct 22,
2012: On the fifth day today, YSR Congress leader Sharmila began her Maro Praja
Prasthanam from Lopatnutala Cross and left for Parne Palle via the villages of Karna Papaiah Palle, Tatireddy Palle Cross, Velidandla,
Dantala Palle and Nerajam Palle.

She will
cover a distance of around 16.8 km meeting people and interacting with women,
students and farmers.

Sharmila, accompanied by the local leaders, her mother and party honourary president
Vijayamma and thousands of followers arrived at Karna Papaiah Palle, the locals
welcomed her heart fully and competed with each other to shake hands with her.

spent time to interact with people of the village and find out their problems.
She later left for Tatireddy Palle Cross

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