Sharmila: Naidu’s party in retrogression

Khammam, April 27,
2013: Accusing TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu with backstabbing the people by not
supporting the no-confidence motion, Smt. Y. S. Sharmila said Naidu has sold
out his political party to the Congress Government while catapulting it

Addressing a huge
public meeting in Khammam on the 132nd day on Friday, Smt. Sharmila
said while there were 90 MLAs for the TDP in 2009, the number went down to 74
when his Padayatra ended.

“The TDP lost 16 MLAs.
What does it mean? TDP leaders should say whether their party has gone
backwards or forward,” she asked.

She said Naidu has
continued with his Padayatra backstabbing people and selling his party to the
Congress at the crucial time of no-trust vote. “What is the use of walking
thousands of kilometers when there is no credibility for him among the people?”
she asked.

Reminding people that
YSR undertook his Praja Prasthanam in the scorching heat of 2003 to study the
people’s problems personally and analyze the reasons for their suffering, Smt.
Sharmila said Naidu began his Padayatra in the winter season and is ending it
ahead of a fierce summer season. 

Smt. Sharmila said that
Naidu has been undertaking his Padayatra with all comforts moving most of the
time in AC buses. “The Government has been laying the roads wherever he
went   wasting hundreds of tanks of water
while people are in distress unable to quench their thirst,” she remarked.

YSR used to sleep in
temporarily erected camps during his Padayatra without any security despite his
being an opposition leader, she said, adding, Naidu has however walked with
full security provided by the Government for which he has extended his full

Padayatra is meant for
knowing people’s problems but Chandrababu Naidu has undertaken his Padayatra
during night times when there would be no people. “What is the use of such a
Padayatra?” she asked.

Smt. Sharmila has so
far completed walking a distance of 1782.7 km as on Friday.

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