Samaikya Sankharavam Yatra from Nov 28

Hyderabad, November
21: Taking the fight for a united state to the doorsteps of the people, YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy would begin Samaikhya Sankaravam from November 28 to create
public opinion against the division of the State and expose the Delhi

“Our party president
will begin the Samaikhya Sankaravam from Kuppam to Srikakulam and tour all the
districts to create a public opinion against the authoritarian attitude of the
Centre and the misuse of Article 3 to divide the state for political gains,”
party leaders N Amarnath Reddy, Praveen Kumar, K Narayana Swamy and Mithun told
reporters here on Thursday.

The Yatra becomes
imminent to expose the duality of Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and TDP
leader N Chandrababu Naidu who have been serving the interests of Congress high
command at the cost of the self-pride of Telugu people.

The Yatra kicks-off
from Kuppam as Odarpu Yatra did not take place in Chittoor district earlier.
The yatra will culminate at Srikakulam and will tour all the three regions of
the State including Telangana.

There is no clarity
on the stand of TDP and Chandrababu Naidu is a confused person and unable to
give any message with clarity to the people of his own constituency where an
overwhelming 99 per cent of the people wanted the state to be united while
Naidu has given a letter for the bifurcation of the state. He is neither
prepared to withdraw the letter nor is he willing to stand for a united state.

Being Chief Minister
and leader of Opposition for nine years each, he is unable to convince people
of his own constituency.  The Samikhay Sankaravam will concurrently run
with the unfinished Odarpu Yatra as 21 families are yet to be consoled as they
lost a member after the death of YSR in Chittoor district, they said.

The district wise
schedule will released ahead of the tour and it will roll on across the state.
There could be short breaks in case of Parliament session or YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy personally appearing before the court and other such contingencies, they
said. The Bus Yatra of Jagan will cover all the three regions.  

YSR Congress Party
has only one stand in all the regions. “It is fighting for a united state and
our leaders have undertaken various agitation programmes to keep the state
united. Our stand is the same in all the three regions. There are
integrationists even in Telangana region.

The process of
division has come to the stage of preparing a draft Bill and our leader’s
efforts are to stall the Delhi decision even at this stage as Congress leaders
are dubious in their stand and are helping the high command along with TDP to
expedite the process.

YSR Congress party
will leave no stone unturned to keep the State united, they said. The Chief
Minister has been keeping the people in the dark on the cabinet note. We have
demanded that the assembly should be convened and a resolution should be passed
against the division, but the state did not consider our view point, they said.

The Yatra is aimed at
mobilizing public support to the party stand of a united state and giving voice
to the sentiments of the majority of the people, they said.

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