Roja flays TDP

Hyderabad, Aug 11: Criticising the opportunism of TDP, YSR Congress has 
said that the main opposition was in the forefront of women’s issues while 
the ruling party has been trying to unleash false propaganda to damage 
political adversaries.
Speaking to reporters here on Friday Party MLA RK Roja said, ‘ Akhila Priya 
should remember how her father was harassed by Chandrababu Naidu and 
was put in jail slapping false cases against him and she should also brush up 
her memory to know for what ideals her mother had stood for.
Her remarks are not in good taste and TDP has been laden with people who 
give public remarks which are demeaning and speak very ill of women right 
from Chief Minister to Speaker to Balakrishna and their attitude was 
exposed in a full blown picture when they declared me dead and observed 
It was YSRCP that has taken up the women’s issues right from the Call 
Money Sex racket to attacks on women at various places and the stopping 
the Beach Volley Ball tournament which is not in Indian ethos and what I 
suggested to Akhila Priya was to follow the example and my remarks were 
Even our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s remarks were distorted and there 
is nothing wrong in what he said. There is nothing wrong if a person who 
fails to fulfill even a single poll promise is hanged or shot down by voters by 
the ballot in the election fray, she said.  
He has given 600 promises and not a single promise was fulfilled. People of 
Nandyal will give a decisive verdict which will reflect the ire of the masses, 
she said.
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