RK Receives A Threatening Letter

  • How dare you file case against our leader?
  • We will kill you right in your constituency
  • Threatening letter with abusive language
  • RK reports to the police
Guntur: YSRCP MLA of Mangalagiri, Alla Ramakrisha Reddy, was sent a letter by some unknown person, threatening his life for approaching the court against Chandrababu Naidu in Cash for Vote case. Written with abusive language, the letter questioned how RK had dared to file petition against their leader. Warning that they were the final days of his life, the writer of the letter owed to kill RK right in his constituency Mangalagiri for planning to approach the High Court after Chandrababu had attained stay at the High Court. 
MLA RK has recently approached the ACB court appealing for reinvestigation of Cash for Vote case, much to the tension of Chandrababu. He filed counterpetition in the High Court for striking his case off without any investigation and the court gave a stay on it. As a result, RK  is getting ready to approach the Supreme Court.
In light of RK's legal battle, TDP resorted to threaten him. As a result, he received the threatening letter about which he reported to the police. 

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