Ramoji-Reliance link should be made public, YSRC -jan21,2012

YSR Congress Party on Saturday questioned the ethical values of a Telugu daily which has published concocted versions on the investments in Jagathi Publications Limited (JPL) and questioned the dealings of Ch Ramoji Rao has/had with Reliance group.
“What the daily, owned by Ushodaya Enterprises, has published about the companies investing in JPL  is not an investigative material but they were the details which were given to Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the data can be acquired by a click of mouse by anyone,” the Party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here.
We have replied categorically on all the issues umpteen number of times, still the paper tries to keep the pot boiling by publishing the same set of charges from time to time, she said.
Brushing aside the allegation that a single person was the director of 16 companies that has invested in JPL, she said, the rule of the land says that a single person can be director of up to 20 companies.
“What the paper published under the heading “Jagamantha J maya”, is nothing new and most of them were facts revealed by us,” she said adding that the competition our paper is giving by emerging as the largest daily has shattered the monopoly of news and views of that paper.
Ramoji Rao should reveal the truth behind the investment of Reliance group in his enterprise. It was only on January 3, people came to know about the dealings when Reliance revealed that it was selling its share in Eenadu group to TV 18 Network.
While Ramoji Rao is making a hue and cry about the share value and bank balances of companies that invested in JPL, he should explain as to why Rs 100 share of Eenadu was brought by Reliance for Rs 5, 28,630 and how much did it realise by selling them out to a TV network.
“The culture of using shell companies and briefcase companies to further their business interests solely belongs to Ramoji Rao and many names from Kampanis to Amanis have passed by,” she said

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