Pushkarams, A Money Making Event For TDP

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has demanded the state government to seek more water from Krishna River Board in wake of the pushkaras and shun its practice of making a fast buck and ignoring the interest of common people as was the case in Godavari pushkarams.
Speaking to reporters here on Thursday party spokesperson K Parthasarathi said: ‘the report on the tragic events at Godavari pushkaram, which claimed 30 lives was due by last month end but nothing came out and there was no evidence whether the Chief Minister was questioned on the issue. The district collector in his report has clearly said that the stampede took place as Chandrababu Naidu has left the protocol and went for the dip at the general ghat instead of the VVIP ghat resulting in the blockade and sudden surge of crowd which forced the stampede.’
That apart the state has institutionalized corruption during the time of pushkarams and allotting works on nomination basis in the last minute. The practice is continuing as the construction of Kanakadurga ghat was taken up just one month ahead of the pushkarams though the date and venue were known in advance.
The nomination methodology has been mastered by TDP which has been allotting works to its favoured few for exorbitant rates, he said. The state instead should ask the Krishna River Board to release more water in wake of Pushkarams which it did not do and went on a temple demolition spree before the pushkarams hurting the Hindu sentiments, he said. He demanded that the state should seek more water and proceedings should be conducted in a transparent manner.
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