Provide 9 cylinders for all: YSRCP

YSR Congress Party today
demanded the state Government to extend the supply of nine subsidised cooking
gas cylinders to all domestic consumers as being implemented in Congress ruled

Speaking at a press
conference at the party central office in Hyderabad, party spokesman Ambati
Rambabu described as unfortunate the Government’s decision to limit the supply of
nine cylinders of subsidised cooking gas to consumers of Deepam scheme.

Taking objection to the
Government’s decision, he said sarcastically it is a gift of the state
government to the people of the state for sending 33 Congress MPs to Lok Sabha.

Rambabu said while
there are 1.6 crore LPG consumers in the state, only 40 lakh consumers got the
connection through Deepam scheme and the rest belonged to the middle, lower
middle class  and rich groups.

He said Deepam scheme
consumers of LPG use only 5 to 6 cylinders in a year while the rest of LPG
consumers use 15 to 20 cylinders. “This means that Government doesn’t want to
provide the three extra cylinders at subsidised rates to those who required them
and provide them to those who do not want,” he said sarcastically, adding the
Government’s decision is very unfortunate. 

Recalling the Congress
President Sonia Gandhi’s assurance that 9 cylinders of subsidised cooking gas
would be supplied in all Congress ruled states, Rambabu observed that chief
minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy has thrown to the winds the assurance of even his
party president.

“Delhi and Kerala
governments have announced supply of nine cylinders at subsidized rates and we demand
the Government to implement the same here too,” he said.

Taking objection to the
Civil Supplies Minister D.Sridhar Babu’s announcement that even the social
welfare hostels also would be supplied with only six gas cylinders at
subsidized rates, he said the Government’s decision is questionable as 70 per
cent of the SC, ST and BC students are staying in hostels.

“The government is only
paying Rs.17.50 per student towards mess charges and the decision of the
Government to limit the supply of subsidized gas cylinders to six would ruin
their lives. The Government must supply the required number of cylinders of the
cooking gas at subsidized rates to the hostels to keep them running without
posing a burden on the students,” he demanded.

Yatra for votes

Rambabu said TDP Chief
Chandrababu Naidu is undertaking his Pada Yatra for selfish political interests
with a view to get votes in the next elections.

Explaining that an old
woman by name Ramulamma has questioned Naidu’s intentions behind his Yatra at a
village in Ija mandalam of Mahabubnagar district, Rambabu observed that the
woman, probably a daily labourer, told Naidu on his face that he began his
Padayatra purely for getting votes.

“When Naidu gave her
the mike and asked her to talk about her problems, she listed out her problems.
When Naidu said he came all the way walking to meet people to find out their
problems, the woman told him bluntly that he undertook the Yatra only for his
political interests and getting votes,” he said adding Naidu minced his words
in giving a reply to the old lady.

Naidu once said the
people would turn lazy if more and more subsidies are offered to them and Government
is also following his footsteps going by his advice and for this reason only,
Sharmila today called Naidu as chief advisor of the Government, Rambabu

 (Updated on Oct 25, 2012)

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