Please Let the Pass Books be in Use

Hyderabad: Leader of opposition YS Jagan appealed to the Government for retaining the pass books that gave ownership rights to the farmers. He explained that the Government’s apparent plan of cancelling pass books was not a good idea. He questioned the revenue department when he spoke during the question hour of the assembly.

 Bringing e-books and computer records to use was a good thing, but cancellation of pass books was not, opined YS Jagan. E-books would be in the hands of the revenue department. But there could be risk of the server being hacked or the people in the revenue department joining hands with other people. If the revenue records were tampered it would become totally unknown who the actual owner of the land was, cautioned YS Jagan.

 Hence he requested for the pass books to be kept. YS Jagan added that if the farmers had pass books with them, they could at least present them as proof in the court in times of conflict and get the tampered records corrected. So he appealed that the pass books should be kept as primary evidence and e-pass books and computer records could function as secondary system.


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