Personal Benefit Behind Swiss Challenge

* Robbery in the name of capital city
* Corruption of value lakhs of crores
* No respect for people or opposition
* Farmers left to suffer
* Incompetent CM and ministers
* Parthasarathy slams TDP Government

Vijayawada: YSRCP's official spokesman Parthasarathy complained that the Government was adopting Swiss challenge system only to rob more. He demanded to know why it had been adopted in spite of opposition from people and experts like Kelkar committee. He stated that Chandrababu had no respect for people, democracy or opposition. He mentioned that the Government was misusing the opportunity given by people for selfishness.
Parthasarathy questioned Chandrababu if the centre had violated the rights of the state by denying the sanction of bifurcation promises or he had deliberately said no to the funds granted to the state by the centre. He demanded to know why Chandrababu was not asking about the capital city construction which was one of the bifurcation time promises made to the state. He slammed making decisions at his will without consulting with people's organizations or opposition parties. Parthasarathy complained that Babu's aim was to steal and save money for 3-4 generations of his family to come and not to build a capital acceptable to 5 crore people of the state.
He reminded that Kelkar committee had clearly suggested that Swiss challenge system lacked transparency and it would deprive people of right to equality and would give way to irregularities. He condemned Baby for blaming the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan for hindering the capital city construction and stating somebody was obstructing sanction of funds from centre.
Parthasarathy made it clear that YS Jagan's intention was to have a capital city acceptable by everybody and that YSRCP was only against the corruption happening in the name of the capital city but not against the development of the state. He mentioned that in case of any private property, owner would be given the majority of the share and businesses would be given less but in the capital city, CRDA was being given 42% and Singapore's companies were being given 58%. He remarked that Lokesh's benefit was behind Swiss challenge and hence the enthusiasm. He stated that Babu had planned to take part in the construction, offer 2-3% to Singapore's companies and pocket the remaining 56%, given Babu's putting aside huge companies like L&T.
Parthasarathy mocked that cabinet meeting lately resembled Narayana coaching centre and mentioned that selfish needs were being placed before efforts to solve people's problems. He remarked that farmers were scared of starting cultivation due to lack of finance, seeds and water, besides mounted debts. He suggested that the Government concentrated on doing something beneficial to people at least now.
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