People May Revolt If The Government Does Not Act

  • Babu has sold Heritage to Future Group as he had prior information
  • Why are Chandrababu and his ministers not going to banks?
  • PM Narendra Modi is behaving tyrannically
  • MLA RK stands in a queue for 1.5 hours to draw money
Mangalagiri: MLA of Mangalagiri, Alla Ramakrishna Reddy, commented that Narendra Modi was behaving tyrannically in the matter of demonetisation. He went to SBI near the local vegetable market and spoke to the aged people and other account holders standing in the line. He stood in the line and waited for 1.5 hours to draw money from his account.
Then he spoke to the media to remark that the cancellation of currency notes was not valid according to law. Stating that he welcomed the intention of sweeping out corruption from the country, he condemned the way selected to do it, as it was troubling the common man. He opined that consultation with RBI Central Board would have avoided this chaos.
RK reminded how Modi had owed to bring all black money back to the treasury within 100 days and stated that nothing had been done in this area in the past 2.5 years. He demanded for stopping foreign trips and try to alleviate the problems arisen from demonetisation. He mentioned that only 50,000 banks from the 30,000 banks in the country were rural banks and questioned how many years it would take to take the money to the reach of these banks. RK also remarked that the Government would have to be responsible for restrictions imposed on women's gold.
Complaining that information beforehand had helped AP CM Chandrababu to safeguard all his corrupt money and to sell his Heritage company to Future Group, he questioned why Chandrababu or his ministers had not turned up at any banks to draw money. He cautioned that people might revolt against the Government if it neglected to better the situation at least now.
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