People flooded towards Vijayawada Dharna

Large scale of public flock came together
The actions of Government were stabbed by the strong leaders

Vijayawada: To protest against the government grabbing the lands from farmers forcibly, the oppositions party YSRCP called for dharna which was successful. It was attended by a large crowd. The actions of Government were stabbed by the strong leaders

Sea of People:
Government is deceiving and cruelly planning to grab the lands by force from the farmers. As a part of this, it is threatening the farmers in the name of the land acquisition. With this, the farmers will become homeless and left to roads. Farmers protested in the strike organized by the YSRCP. Concerns are being presented as protests in phases. As a part of this they organized the protest in Vijayawada. Many of the leaders were a part of the meeting and addressed the crowd.

The nature of the Government is questionable
The MLC Ummareddy Venkateswarlu demanded for immediate suspension of the acquisition. He stated that farmers as well as the share farmers will also be under loss. He said, against this, YSRCP will fight. YS Jagan will bring great fame by his rule while competing with his father said MLA Peddi Reddy Ramachandra Reddy. He commented that the land which can give three crops in a year is being snatched by force in the name of land acquisition. He said, he is not against the Capital but against the forced land acquisition. 

MLA Kodali Nani said they will play football with Chandrababu Naidu. He asked him to look into the facts now. While the version of Babu and Pattipati pullarao and Narayana say that the farmers have been giving their land voluntarily, it is all observed to be contradiction to the actual situation, said the president of the youth wing , Vangaveeti Radha. He said that YSRCP will be fighting on behalf of the farmers.

The YSRCP Parliamentary party leader, Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy said that all of them questioned the government about trying to bring an amendment to the Land Acquisition Act in Parliament. He said, by taking the land by force, there may be a situation of less food according to Food safety.
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