People are noticing the sex racket

Hyderabad: The YSRCP MLA Giddi Eeswari, fired that the Telugu Desam party MLAs are pressing the throats of the opposition party MLAs. While speaking at the media point, Eeswari expressed that, it is unethical to suspend the female Legislator Roja for questioning the ruling party about the Call money and sex racket case and commented that intentionally they targeted Roja. She also mentioned that people of the State are watching about the case involving call money and sex racket. 

Though the YSRCP President, YS Jagan has spoken about the rules procedure of suspension while stating about the one year suspension, the speaker didn't even consider the point which is really unethical, responded Eeswari. Speaking at the assembly point, she said that police were really aggressive and have ill-treated Roja.  Further, if something happens to Roja, government is responsible for it. She also said that by considering a simple clipping posted in Andhra jyoti News paper, Naidu has also bothered her a lot by filing illegal cases, fired Eeswari on Naidu. 

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