Oppression Of Media Is Undemocratic

East Godavari (Amalapuram): YSRCP's state secretary Bommi Israel slammed the tyrannical behaviour of TDP Government. He condemned the oppression by Government on the media. YSRCP leaders and activists protested at the Tehsildar's office of Allavaram, protesting against the ban imposed on Sakshi TV channel under the leadership of YSRCP's mandal president Konuku Bapuji. They raised slogans for protection of rights of media and democracy. Speaking on this occasion, Israel condemned the ways of the ruling party.
YSRCP leaders spoke to demand immediate cancellation of ban on the TV channel and resume of its telecast. Then they submitted a memorandum to deputy Tehsildar Gouri Naidu. District secretary Illa Sesharao, district executive secretary Moka Raghavulu, BC cell president Yallamilli Bose, SC cell president Kalagata Yesu Babu, youth president Dasam Srirama Chandra Murthy, farmers' wing president Bokka Sreenu, mandal secretary Vasamsetty Narasimha Rao, senior leaders Junnuri Babi, Merikala Sreenu, Palli James Raju, Talla Samba Murthy, Gubbala Babji and others participated in the event.

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