One Day Bandh by Anganwadi women


Pradesh State Anganwadis workers and helpers are firing against Naidu's regime
for not keeping the promise of increasing wages in practice. The Anganwadi
workers demanded the ruling government TDP to fulfil their demands of Salary
increment where it is not considered by the ruling party. Already the situation
of these workers became worse since few months due to lack of salaries. The
anganwadi workers are raising their voice and protesting against the government
for their demands. However, the ruling party is not considering and neglecting
the workers demands.


to Anganwadi workers, after acquiring power Chandra Babu Naidu forgot the
promise made to them where he supported the demand of Anganwadi workers salary
increment during Congress rule.

relation to this they are going for a band on 30th of this month and demanding
for a GO to be issued instead of guarantee for the implementation of salaries.
The Andhra Pradesh Anganwadi workers and Helpers Association Chief Executive,
K. Lalitha has called for State Bandh.


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