Note for Vote Is A Shameful Scenario

  • Manifesto promises
  • Spending time
    criticising the real fighter
  • Degraded politics with
    corrupt money
  • YS Avinash Reddy slams
    TDP Government

YSR District
MP of Kadapa constituency, YS Avinash reddy mentioned that AP CM
Chandrababu Naidu had been practicing unethical politics in the state. He spoke
to the media at the party’s office in Pulivendula. He criticised the ruling
party for passing untrue comments on the leader of opposition and YSRCP
president YS Jagan, over not realizing any of the promises made prior to
elections in spite of completion of two years in power.

Avinash Reddy slammed
all the TDP leaders along with Chandrababu for pushing aside the topic of the
development of the state in Mahanadu and speding the whole time criticising
opposition YSRCP. He acclaimed YS Jagan as the leader who fought on behalf of
the people, staying by their side in thick and thin. He called it unethical to
nominate a fourth candidate for Rajya Sabha election in spite of TDP not having
enough strength to do so. He attributed this act to TDP’s attempts to lure MLAs
with corrupt money.

Avinash Reddy
commented that Chandrababu had been following the same way as at the time of
Note for Vote case during MLC elections of Telangana. He called it a brazen act
of Chandrababu to try to buy MLAs again while the Note for Vote case was still
under inquiry.

Avinash Reddy
mentioned that Chandrababu might bluff the MLAs but not the people of the
state. He stated that none of the promises made at the time of elections had
been realised. He informed that complaints would be lodged in the police
stations throughout the state on the 2nd of June against Chandrababu’s
deception. Avinash Reddy is set to conduct Praja Darbar at Pulivendula for the
alleviation of people’s problems.

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