No Confidence Motion against Chandrababu’s Government

  • Disapproval of the Government’s failure at every step
  • Disagreement with the Government’s corruption
  • YSRCP’s decision to bring No Confidence
  • Hyderabad: In the upcoming budget sessions of the state’s legislative assembly, YSRCP decided to introduce No Confidence Motion against Chandrababu’s Government. Under the leadership of YSRCP president YS Jaganmohan Reddy, the party’s MLAs assembled and came up with this decision in disapproval of the Government’s mounting corruption, failure in all areas and not keeping its promises. On this occasion YS Jagan called for all the legislative assembly members of the party to be proactive in fighting against the Government’s failure. He cautioned them that the ruling party would divert their attention from the people’s problems and the Government’s failure during the assembly sessions. YS Jagan advised his MLAs to carefully focus on people’s issues and question the Government about it. MLAs opined that TDP Government had not cared to fulfill any of the promises mentioned in its election manifesto since the last two years and that its corruption had been growing day by day.

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