No Chance of Quitting YSRCP even for Rs.100 crore

Hyderabad:MLA of YSR
Congress Party Giddi Eshwari made it clear that she would not leave the party
even if she was given Rs.100 crore. She confided that she wuld continue with
YSRCP till the end. She remarked that TDP was a sinking boat. She suggested
Chandrababu to stop attempting to lure tribal MLAs into his party.

Eshwari slammed TDP for its attempts to harm YSRCP. She mentioned that MLA of
Rampachodavaram Vantala Rajeswari had been offered Rs.20 crore in exchange of
quitting YSRCP for TDP. She stated that they, being tribal people, could enter
the assembly only because of YSCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan.
She credited him for their serving people as MLAs.

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