New Appointments in TYSRCP

Hyderabad: TYSRCP president Gattu Srikanth Reddy has made certain appointments
in the party as per the instructions given by YSRCP president YS Jagan.

Gummadi Mahender Reddy
has been appointed as the state secretary and GHMC co-examiner and Kalukollu
Venkateswar Reddy as farmers’ wing state secretary. The new state general
secretaries of YSRCP Seva Dal wing are Ashok Yadav and Satyanarayana, while the
new secretaries are Yakula Pratap, Basamalla Padmarao and Vakrant Vimal Kumar.

Under the supervision
of minority wing’s president Mathin Mujadadi, Md.Rizwan, Hussain, Syed Noufil,
Nasrin Kousari, Md.Musaq, Md.Jameer Pasha, Sk.Abdullah, Naseer and Ibrahim have
been appointed as state general secretaries of the state’s minority wing.
Md.Wajid, Majid Khan, Md.Mujafaruddin Khan have been appointed as the state
secretaries of the wing.


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