Nation members YSR on his sixth death anniversary

Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy is a rare human being, who continues to live on in the hearts of countless Telugus long  after he is physically gone.He was brother, Peddayana, savior and benefactor for them. Great are those who live on even after they are gone. They are seen in the ideals they espoused and they are remembered for what they achieved.  They are felt in the work they did.  YSR is one such rare leader.

Challenging times require challenging leaders with great vision and fortitude and YSR was the man of the moment.

September 2 for many is the date when he departed but physically. But, his spirit lives on in every village and every heart he touched.  September 2 has wrought complete darkness for countless Telugus. That was the day when dark clouds of death robbed YSR from us. The state has changed forever after September 2. YSR's death left a void that is difficult to fill. The state has turned topsy turvy. The governance went for a toss and before people could realise, the Telugu people were vivisected. Two states were formed.

Visionary leadership
Who else but a visionary of his stature could have thought of pension for the old, without which they would be reduced to utter penury with no means of subsistence? Who else but a Himalayan personality could have envisioned a hike in the pensions to the disabled?
His pioneering Jala Yagnam helped turn AP into the green AP. His understanding of the growing healthcare needs of the people made him unveil the Arogya Shree health programme for BPL families through which they could avail themselves of free treatment of the corporate kind! Corporate medicare was not a distant dream anymore for the poor and the uncared.
The Indiramma housing scheme, which gave millions a roof over their heads was another brain child of his. It was a housing scheme that was unprecedented both in scale and magnitude.

Pro-poor messiah
Dr YSR's two rupees' a kg rice scheme gave sustenance to millions of the poor and the uncared. The innovative fee reimbursement scheme helped people from the lowest economic strata to enter the portals of academic excellence that till then was out of bounds for them. During the YSR era, the scheme provided full reimbursement of the college tuition fee for the underprivileged. The scheme helped the poorest cart-vendor or daily wage-earner to send his children to professional colleges to pursue higher education.

All his schemes were aimed at providing social welfare coverage to ensure that every citizen in the state provide basic necessities — food clothing and shelter. Sadly however, after the tragic demise of the people-friendly leader, his schemes failed to take off the way they were envisioned. All his brilliant schemes are being watered down by the successor government. Many projects that were envisioned by the late chief minister have been diluted by the leaders at the helm of affairs in the state. Unfortunately, even the Arogya Shree too has suffered at the hands of the successive governments.

Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy is undoubtedly the tallest leader the state had ever seen. It is because of his endearing and pro-poor approach that YSR is still remembered fondly by countless millions. 
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