Naidu has no moral right to target Jagan

Hyderabad, January 27:
Ridiculing TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu’s comments on corruption, YSR
Congress has said that he has no moral right to speak on the subject and target
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.  

past haunts him as the numerous scams that unfolded during his nine year term
are still fresh in the memories of the state polity and he has no moral right
to pass unsavoury remarks on our leader,’ party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu
told reporters here on Sunday.  

late Chandrababu Naidu has been promising of providing good governance and that
he will fight against corruption and eradicate it. “Such statements do not find
relevance when they come from Naidu as his nine-year term was laden with scams
and corruption,” he said. 

corrupt history of Chandrababu governance was published in the form of a book
by CPM as well. The TDP leader telling people that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy did not
get bail as he is corrupt is absurd and Naidu should guard his tongue while
passing such remarks as his public life has been known to one and all.  

off as owner of two-acre land in 1977, he has to tell people as to how he could
amass so much of wealth after his entry into politics. He should come clean on
the charges of corruption leveled against him before speaking against anyone
else, Rambabu said.  

Telgi stamps scam to Yellampalli to irregularities in the Chief Minister’s
Relief Fund and allocation of land to IMG, a company that came into being
overnight, he has many questions to be answered and Chandrababu should stand
the legal scrutiny and get a clean chit before calling anyone names, he said.  

is known to pit one person against the other to get his work done and created
wedge among NTR’s family members to consolidate his position and he has lost
the moral ground to speak about corruption and ethics in politics, he said. 

Telangana, he said that Congress has been creating confusion by delaying the
process. A
decision on when Sharmila would resume padayatra will be taken soon, he said.                                                                       

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