Murders by Government…

Hyderabad: A tragic incident happened. Mistakes of Chandrababu Government lead to a loss of 27 innocent lives. A stampede took place in the Holy Pushkaras. The incident which took place on the first day created gloominess all around in the hearts of Telugu people.  
The way Stampede happened…
While Rajahmundry is considered as the best place for Pushkaras, Wherein Pushkara Revu is the most important ghat. Devotees started reaching that place in the early hours itself so that they can complete the holy dip in the early hours in the queue. But, the thoughts have been reverted and everything turned out wrong. Most of the devotees were stopped in the queues stating that the Chief Minister is visiting the place.  The devotees could not tolerate the sultriness. They could not move front or go back. The queues were stopped for almost 2 and half hours stating that the CM is performing puja. As the CM gave the green signal that he completed his puja and now they can go, then the security has released the queues at once, as and when Chandrababu left. They opened the barricades as and when Babu left. People at the back pushed forward on the people standing in front.
Due to this, there was a heavy stampede.
Over action of officers..

On the first day of the Pushkaras itself, the officers have overacted in order to be in good terms before the CM Chandrababu Naidu. IN order to allow the CM and his family to complete the Pushkaras ritual, they stopped the devotees wherever possible. Due to this the devotees were suffocated and could not get the minimum needs to be fulfilled such as drinking water. No one is there to care about the devotees. All the Organizers were busy in giving showoff before the CM allowing and seeing him to do the Pushkara dip, performing the pooja, giving him sendoff. This act of the Officers neglected the normal devotees and no one cared about them.
Government failure in arranging - lead to the Stampede…

  The reason for stampede is very clear. Allowing all the devotees in different queues at a stretch the organizers left their way. Due to this, no one bothered about the devotees coming from various places to have a holy dip in the Godavari.   While few of the ladies fell down holding their kids, others stamped them and moved further. There was no proper means to address the situation technically. There was no proper provision to carry the victims to the hospital. Police vehicles and few private vehicles were used to carry the victims to hospitals.

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