The MLA consoles the victims

YSR district: At the behest of the leader of Opposition, the YSRCP MLAs,
leaders toured extensively in the flood-affected areas. MLA Rabhindranath,
traveled in Kamalapuram and spoke to the victims. He spoke to the sheep breeder
who lost almost 74 sheep. The leaders also suggested to consider reconstruction
of the dilapidated homes in Molakavari village after observing them and to get
the approval for the proposals for permanent new houses instructions were given
to Tahsildar Rehman.

Rabindranath Reddy looked at the affected rice crops in the Gangavaram
village. He insisted the authorities to support the farmers who lost their
crops should be given Rs. 20 thousand per acre and the sheep breeders should be
provided a compensation of Rs. 10 thousand. He said that the farmers lost their
crops due to the continuous heavy rains for the last five days and demanded
that the government has to contribute and support the farmers. 

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